S04E04 Synopsis Released


Cor Blimey! Gosh Darn! Crikey! *expletive!* We have an outline of yet another episode from the upcoming Season 4 from Zap2it. This time it’s Episode 4, due to air on 7th December – we should have info on Season 6 by the end of November at this rate! If you want, check out the short-yet-revealing synopsis after the break. SPOILERS ABOUND! (that’s my thing now, ‘Spoilers Abound’).

S04, E04: Daring Don’t

Rainbow Dash and friends offer to help their favorite author finish her latest book. (7th December 2013, Link)

If you remember, the MLP Comic #11 referenced Twilight’s mother as the author of Daring Do. Whether that’s canon or not, we’ll have to wait and see.

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