The Brony Show To Interview Matt Hill, Sam Vincent

VA Banner Nov 9

The guys over at The Brony Show have sent us some information about a live interview they have planned with not just one, but two VA guests from the show – Matt Hill and Sam Vincent! The interview will be uploaded onto YouTube afterwards, but the main event will take place on their website at 4.15pm EST this Saturday. Check past the break for their Press Release or visit The Brony Show’s website for more info. Oh, and bring pie.

Hello Everypony,
Season 4 is coming up in just a few weeks, and to celebrate The Brony Show is bringing you a special Live interview this Saturday, November 9.
We will be interviewing Matt Hill and Sam Vincent, the VA’s for Flim and Soarin respectively. We’re going to be interviewing them both at the same time completely live at our stream at at 4:15 PM EST. And if you accidentally miss it you can catch the recording a few hours later over at
We hope to see you all there!


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