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Movoto Blog: Twilight’s Treebary On Sale

golden oaks

Have you ever wondered how much Twilight Sparkle’s residence in Ponyville would cost if it went up for sale? Even if you haven’t, it’s interesting to see a really nicely put together infographic explaining just that from the blog of Movato, a US real estate website. If you’re in the market for a nice detached oak tree with one previous Alicorn owner, check out the ‘graphic after the break or head to their website.

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The Rise of the Vamplet Ponies


Yes, look at that pony… thing. Look into those eyes, and tell me that the newest graphic novel idea straight from the perfectly sane and absolutely societally dauntless minds at Action Lab Entertainment won’t be filling up bookshelves of pony lovers all across the world, where the most insidious staring contest of mankind can begin they’ll be nicely complementing our colorful collections with a tad of dark? Well, it seems the above-mentioned graphic novel publisher has a series centered around “Vamplets,” which are baby vampires. Their newest comic(s) will be taking a more My Little Pony influence under the hand of Gayle Middleton, a previous illustrator for the Mlp comics (not the ones we know, but for the previous generations, surprisingly – click here for some of his works). Will Mlp now take on a new, more daring form, and what will this metaphysical amalgamation of light and dark, harmony and Tim Burton, mean for society? Well, you can at least start with the bleedingedge’s article on this here.

Hasbro Signs 3D Printing Deal with 3D Systems


Soon, ponies like this will be available for children to print, too! Thanks to Clawed-Nyasu for the picture.

The world is a swiftly changing place. Atomic bombs now serve as dinner tables, the aging process has now been all but abolished, and we’re able to print 3D ponies. Only one of these futuristic things is true, sadly, but Hasbro knows the direction the world is taking, and they are aiming to bring ponies to the home… without having to leave your home. Ever. Nor would you have to open the front door and sign for a package. Or even leave the computer chair.

That’s right, Hasbro is working on 3D printing for the average consumer’s children now. There’s no telling what we’re going to see out of this, but we can hope this ushers in a new age of amazing pony things we can get in the home through their new partnership with the 3D printing company 3D Systems. You can check out the full article from The Guardian over here.

Numerous Outlets Report on Hasbro Sales Drop for Q4 2013


Well, when you look at the big picture, Hasbro isn’t doing so bad comparatively… but they could definitely be doing better. According to multiple news outlets, located here, here, here, and here, Hasbro, along with just about every other big toymaker out there, has seen a sharp decline in their overall sales, which led to a drop in their stock. As depressing as this may be for some, their sales in girls toys soared–the declines were in their boys toys and preschool toys. Perhaps it’s because the boys were all out buying “girl” toys. Nah, what are the chances of that happening?

To those who are total Hasbro fanboys, you can also rejoice: Hasbro may have had an overall sales drop (9 percent), but they still didn’t drop as much as competitors Mattel (22 percent), JAKKS Pacific (18 percent), or LeapFrog (10 percent). We can only assume that this is due to Hasbro having a pretty great TV show to help with its revenue.

Toys ‘R Us in Sweden Has Gender Neutral Selection

toys gender neutral

Is that really all it takes? It looks like the guys running the Toys ‘R Us over there have finally wised up to a global understanding of giving the people an actual choice in matters, shrugging off the pressure of a sexist society. How? By putting their My Little Pony toys in the same section as their Nerf guns, Legos, GI Joes, etc. While this doesn’t relate explicitly to MLP, I think it still stands to be mentioned what’s being done over there. If you’d like to read the article for yourself, you can check it out over here!

Furbies finally take over the world

All right, time to teach ourselves some new lingo. Anyone know what global media is? Just what the name says: Media that reaches to a global audience. For Hasbro’s US market, the company that handles global media has been IGP Mediabrands’ Initiative, apparently.

Well, Hasbro just switched the game up. After a bidding war, the company OMD, which is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group, the largest global media conglomerate in the world, has now taken over the US market, as well as pretty much every single other market except Latin America. For whatever reason, the Latin American market is still being held by global media company Group M/MediaCom.

What does this mean, exactly? Well… this humble news-pony is no marketing professional, but this could mean a very different take on how ponies are received by the world, as well as Hasbro’s other IPs.

Let’s try to simplify this: Global media involves any type of media concerning a company. So, Hasbro doesn’t take care of their media; their global media company does. That means what’s tweeted, what’s commercialized (outside of The Hub, I think, but maybe inside as well), what’s put on store shelves… all of it may be in for a change. That’s not a good thing or a bad thing yet; we need to see if any and what serious changes are made to know that.

I’m not certain how far off the mark I am in this analysis; all the learning that Google and Wikipedia can provide isn’t as much as what a business major could give. If you’d like to read the initial announcement yourselves, check it out over here. And, as always, question Hasbro.

Pinkie Pie to Return to Build-A-Bear


Strangest thing! In their press releases, Build-A-Bear segments their images.

Did you miss Pinkie Pie on her first round of Build-A-Bear? Well, you’re in luck! As announced in their press release, Build-A-Bear is bringing back Pinkie Pie to stores on November 29th, on Black Friday. In the meantime, she is available to purchase online right now. Where, you ask? Why, here, of course! You can enjoy your Pinkie Pie purchase in style and beat the voracious crowds of mothers fighting to give their children the best pink pony ever to grace Build-A-Bear. Brony documentary is ‘Propaganda’

pictured- A pony whose special talent is earning his diploma.

In a freak turn of events that nobody really expected, the feminist movie reviewer has posted an article about the Bronies documentary. The writer, Myrna Waldron, is a traveled feminist blogger with an emphasis on geeky things. She’s decided to point her M41-A at the Brony Documentary, decrying it as ‘Propaganda’. I think she’s totally justified in saying that. But if you want to avoid the shnark and cut straight to the meat, the actual article can be read right here.

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Futon Critic Releases the Hub’s Year-to-Year Ratings


One day you’ll learn those numbers, Applejack. One day. Courtesy RandomNinja94.

In a shocking follow-up to Zap2It’s batch of numbers, Futon Critic has released this batch of numbers. Numbers for… what, exactly?

Viewer ratings! Positive viewer ratings, to be specific. In this case, it means higher viewer ratings in just about every single aspect. All of their audiences have been growing at a steady rate since The Hub’s inception, and the plateau that everyone seems to be expecting still hasn’t happened yet. At this rate, they’ll become easy competitors for the other children’s stations–Disney, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, etc. It looks like the future of pony is secure for another year!