SWAG.mov Released

After numerous delays (including HDD getting hit by a car and breaking his leg), the finale of the .mov series, SWAG.mov, has been released. This episode features the last of the Mane 6 to receive their own episode, Rainbow Dash. It also the longest, coming in at 15 minutes and 27 seconds. Check it out after the break.


Andrew W.K. Defends His Reasons for Liking My Little Pony

Amidst all the hatred and controversy that has spread from Andrew W.K.’s announcement for a public speaking appearance at Canterlot Gardens, he got on his trusty camera to clear up the air as to why he had decided to get in to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a very real explanation of how he found frustration with “gender roles” with toys at a young age.

This is something you definitely don’t want to pass up! (Warning: brief profanity at the end)

EqD Interviews John de Lancie

Once again, we’ve got another interview about the BronyCon Documentary. If any of your questions were left unanswered from the Brockhoff and Malaquais interview, this one will be sure to address them. Cereal Velocity and Phoe from EqD sat down with John de Lancie to delve further into the details of the documentary, as well as de Lancie’s own opinions on the Brony fandom. There’s quite a bit of information you may not have heard before in here!


PBS Idea Channel Discusses Bronies

In the anticipation of the future documentary from John De Lancie and company, others are still picking up about the fandom in its current state.

Ideas Channel from PBS did their research on the brony fandom as of now, and boy have they done their research. In a vibrant and entertaining video, they discussed whether or not bronies were challenging the ideas of current masculinity and femininity. What do you think? Be sure to go to their youtube channel to comment!

BronyCon Documentary: Interview with Mike and Laurent

Alright, so it’s clear that this documentary means serious business. The original goal was $60,000, and now they’re looking for $270,000? Lets give ourselves a round of applause!

For those of you who are looking for more information on this documentary, you’re in luck! Producer Michael Brockhoff and director Laurent Malaquais sat down with Celestia Radio for this two hour interview.