Cutie Mark Con: Sad Day in the Stable

Pinkie Pie Crying

Details are still coming in, but it would appear that Cutie Mark Con has had to cancel some of their guests that they invited to the convention. The event is still going to be happening; they’ll just be down some talent. The exact names that will no longer be attending that we are aware of are Maryke Hendrikse, Vincent Tong, Brenda Crichlow, Ibeabronyrapper, Kelly Metzger, Sam Vincent, Peter New, and Andrea Libman. There is supposed to be a link to the statement here (EDIT: The post on their main site is now working!), but currently is being plagued by gateway timeouts. We will keep you guys updated on anything else that comes up because of this after the break.

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Equestria LA Announces Tabitha St. Germain

Tabitha St Germain


Oh, yes, this was announced yesterday, wasn’t it?

First revealed during Stay Brony My Friends last night, it has since been announced that Tabitha St. Germain, the voice of Rarity, Princess Luna, and Derpy Hooves, as well as numerous others, will be attending the prestigious Equestria LA this year. This convention just gets better and better! Head on past the break for the full press release from the EQLA team.

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Scootareader Looks Into: Spinoffs

Human ScootalooEvery once in a while, a show pops up that’s worth getting into. This differs from person to person; some prefer Adventure Time, others like The Regular Show, and still more seem to find a morbid fascination with Hannah Montana. Whatever someone’s disposition towards a show, it’s the merits that reach the target audience which are most commonly measured.

Hannah Montanta definitely reaches its target audience, but does it branch out past that? Is there really anything more to the show that’s alluring to anyone other than pre-teen to teen females? Not so much. There is, however, a lot of allure from Adventure Time and The Regular Show, which draw crowds that are not part of the intended target audience.

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Announcing: May 2nd Boston DJ-Thon!

Vinyl and Octavia

As a brony news outlet, we here at The Daily Oat are to report goings-on within the fandom; for those who need to see real world news, you go and turn on the TV or check it elsewhere. News sites like ours are for knowing what’s going on with the community we’ve created and to bring the message of the bronies to as many as possible.

Occasionally, world news and brony news will coincide. In this such case, there will be a 7-hour concert event taking place in Boston and orchestrated by Bronies For Good in support of the families affected by the tragedy in Boston. To those in the Boston area or nearby, this is a great chance to give your condolences. Honestly, any good news in the area would be far more welcome than more depressing stories. To those who can’t make it, you can still readily show your support by directly donating.

Read everything that they have to say on the event after the break.

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Equestria LA Interviews



Looks like the Everfree Network has recently done an interview on the folks hosting Equestria LA; head on over here to see what they have to say!

To those who don’t know, Everfree Network is a multimedia outlet that seeks to provide bronies with as much interactive and intuitive information as possible, and Equestria LA is a big brony convention that will be happening this year. A quick reference guide for Equestria LA and all the other conventions can be found in the Daily Oat Convention Guide.

Musiquestria Tour Announced!


Time for something exciting!
Do you love pony-themed music? Would you like to see your favorite brony musicians live, in concert? Then get ready, because the first ever MLP cross-country music tour is hitting the USA this summer!
The folks at Musiquestria are looking for your help to push our community to new heights and achieve what few fandoms can accomplish. Click the post image to donate to their Indiegogo campaign (and receive some awesome perks!), or read on past the break for more information!

‘Equestria Girls’ Synopsis Released

The publisher behind the latest (and upcoming) MLP books has released a brochure detailing some future releases – one of which sounds fairly intriguing for those of an anthropological nature. Set for release in October (which fits in with the Season 4 release date), ‘My Little Pony – Super Special’  has quite the interesting synopsis that details what could be what to expect from this ‘Equestria Girls’ franchise that everyone is getting butthurt excited about. It also further supports the idea that this will be the feature-length episode (or ‘movie’) that’s been touted. You can check the synopsis after the break – there’s also a description for the Rainbow Dash novel written by G.M. Berrow, also after that there break.

(HT: Round Stable and Reddit)

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